Sushi Restaurants

Eating at a sushi restaurant is a luxury and pleasure and great care should be taken to choose a good sushi restaurant, but how do you find the best sushi near me? Having a bad experience or fish that is not fresh will ruin your dining experience. There are many factors to consider in choosing a good sushi restaurant and many resources to look at to help one decide.

The most important factor is the freshness of the fish at the restaurant. Secondary concerns are the decor of the restaurant, service at the restaurant, and variety of the menu. You will want to go with recommendations from friends and family. Customers who have dined there before will be able to tell you how good their sushi are if they are avid sushi eaters.

Review sites such as Yelp are great where people may post reviews and rate restaurants with stars. You can certainly see some good and bad reviews of restaurants that can help you decide. And there will be the well-known expensive and Michellin star rated restaurants such as Nobu that will always be trusted to be good. You can check on sites such as Zagats for the top rated restaurants.

You can visit websites of particular restaurants to look at pictures and view their menu. Is the menu a good variety and offer good sushi choices that you are interested in? Some are classic and some are modern with many new twists on making sushi. You can see what you are interested in. You can check for pricing. Is it in your budget? Higher priced sushi is good but may not be the case all the time and it doesn’t mean lower price sushi is not good. Looking around in your favorite neighborhoods and seeing how many customers and how busy a restaurant can be a sure sign of how good it is. And sometimes you just have to go for yourself to see and then return to it if it is a good restaurant.

While dining there, ask yourself, is the sushi fresh? Perhaps you can talk to the sushi chef and ask where they get their fish? Do they get it almost daily from fresh fish markets or do the fish seem frozen? While dining there, ask yourself if you like the decor, is it very Japanese and Zen and gives you a comfortable dining experience? Is the decor aesthetically pleasing? Are the table accessories nice? Are the sushi chefs authentic looking and presentable? While dining there, ask yourself how good the service is? How good is your table and customer service? While dining there, take a look and browse the menu? Is it pleasing to you? Does it offer what you want plus more? Does it offer a lot of variety with some possible twists on the classic sushi choices such as rarer fish and specialty rolls? How is the pricing?

Combining all the factors of looking for the top freshness in sushi, finding a nice decor with good customer service, and a good menu with good variety, you will be on your way to finding a good sushi restaurant that will give you that pleasurable dining experience that good sushi can offer. Sometimes you can find a good restaurant online such as through websites for reviews or restaurant websites. But sometimes you may just have to go out there and try for yourself. When you are dining there yourself, you will be able to tell and feel if it is a good restaurant based on these factors.

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